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professional negligence accountant The Impact of Professional Negligence from an Accountant

Whether you’re a sole trader or a larger business employing a number of people, having a good accountant is vital. The problem is anyone can set themselves up as an accountant nowadays as there’s no legal requirement in respect of the title (as there is with a solicitor or architect, for example). It is therefore…


will writing solicitors near me Will Writing Solicitors Near Me

It’s often one of those things that we tend to put off. However, a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever have drafted. The process is generally straightforward and the best time to write a Will is the present! While there are plenty of Will writing services available, it pays to…


lasting power of attorney legal advice Lasting Power of Attorney Advice

None of us like to think of a time when we are unable to make our own decisions. But a little preplanning and considering the potential of a lasting power of attorney will not only help you keep yourself and your assets safe but also make it much easier for loved ones to provide the…


employment law solicitors in Warrington Lasting Power of Attorney and Mental Capacity

An LPA or Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that lets someone you have designated as an attorney to act on your behalf should you not have the mental capacity to do so yourself. The LPA can be tailored to include decisions concerning your finances and property as well as your health and…


employment law solicitors in Cheshire Employment Law Solicitors in Cheshire

While many businesses treat their employees well, there are others that are not so charitable. In the UK, we have a range of employment law that is designed to protect us while at work and keep a balance between employer and employee. At DSM Legal, our aim is to help you navigate any employment law…


powers of attorney Powers of Attorney Solicitors in Warrington, Cheshire

If the time comes when you are unable to make decisions on your own, your loved ones will want to act for you, for example, handling your financial affairs or ensuring you get the best care available. They cannot do this unless there is a legal agreement or power of attorney between you. If this…


Power of Attorney solicitors What is a Power of Attorney?

It can be difficult to think about what happens when we are no longer able to make decisions. With many of us living longer and health conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s a real possibility as we grow older, it’s sensible to make some provision for this eventuality. A power of attorney is a legal…


unfair dismissal claims - solicitors in Cheshire Making a Claim for Unfair Dismissal

If you have been working for your employer for the qualifying period of two years and feel that you have been dismissed unfairly, you have the statutory right to take your case to an employment tribunal. Most businesses will have procedures in place for dealing with all issues relating to employees, particularly large companies that…


settlement agreement solicitors in Cheshire Using a Settlement Agreement to Resolve an Employment Law Issue

For any business, problems that arise between employer and employee can be some of the most difficult to overcome. There could be a claim for unfair dismissal, for instance, a case of discrimination in the office or the prospect of redundancies within the business. All these can be challenging to handle effectively, for both sides,…


Employment Law Time Limits

In accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996, and subject to the rules on the automatic extension of time for early conciliation, a claim for unfair dismissal must be presented within a period of three months of an employee’s termination date. Tribunal time limits are extremely strict and discretion is exercised very rarely. Tribunals have…

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