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No Win No Fee Injury Claims

No Win No Fee Injury Claims

Free personal injury claim assessments

Whether you have a good case to make a claim your first consultation for any type of accident claim, medical or professional negligence claim, is completely free of charge.  We will not charge you a fee to speak to one of our expert personal injury solicitors. 

At the first consultation we will provide a preliminary assessment of your prospects of success and also advise on whether we can take your case on no win no fee.  Complete our Personal Injury Enquiry Form to arrange your free, no obligation assessment of your accident claim or telephone 01925 937070.

We now also have a Wigan office which can be contacted on 01942 914004.

What does no win, no fee mean?

‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements were invented as a means to enable people to pursue cases that they otherwise may not have been able to afford to do.

Solicitors who take cases under Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s) will only be paid if the case succeeds and therefore there is little, if any, risk to the Claimant in pursuing their case. The risk falls onto the solicitor as if the case does not succeed the solicitor will not get paid.

In return for assuming such risk the law recognises that a solicitor is entitled to a success fee if the case succeeds. Indeed, without success fees it is unlikely that solicitors would be able to run cases on a no win no fee basis.

In a successful case the Defendant’s insurance company will pay a Claimant’s basic legal costs, however due to recent changes by the Government the Claimant is now responsible for payment of their solicitor’s success fee, rather than the Defendant’s insurers which was previously the case. Hence the demise of the oft-quoted phrase “100% compensation – no deductions from damages.”

Whilst some would argue that the changes are unfair, in some jurisdictions (such as the USA – and indeed in employment tribunal cases in the UK) the Claimant is entirely responsible for all of their legal costs.

Setting the success fee

A solicitor will undertake an assessment of the claim and calculate the risk involved in taking on the case as, unfortunately, not all cases succeed. It is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible, to foresee whether a case will turn out to be more complicated than at first anticipated.

It follows that the success fee is not a one-size-fits-all and so will need to be set by the solicitor based on their experience and assessment of the risks in any particular case.

Success Fee – Deductions from compensation

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say at the beginning of a case exactly how much money will be deducted from the compensation as it depends on what the overall costs are when the case is concluded.

However, the amount which can be deducted from the Claimant’s compensation in respect of the success fee is limited to 25% of the compensation (including VAT) in all cases.


If compensation is £10,000.00 the maximum amount that could be deducted by way of success fee is £2,083.33 plus VAT (total £2,500.00).

If compensation was £1,200.00 the maximum would be £250.00 + VAT (total £300.00).

Success fees where the Claimant is under 18 years old

In accident claims where a child is the Claimant (ie is under 18 years of age at the time that the case is concluded) some solicitors will charge a lower success fee of 10% – although the policy of this firm is not to take a success fee from a child’s damages.

If you have any queries about success fees telephone 01925 937070 for more information, fill out our Personal Injury Enquiry Form or email Diane Massey at

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