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Professional Negligence from a Solicitor


Professional Negligence from Solicitors

When you hire a professional to do a job, the least you should expect is that they will do the job to the best of their ability. We often put trust in individuals who offer certain kinds of services and take their advice without questioning.

The truth is that professionals, solicitors included, can make mistakes. Being given negligent advice or a poor standard of service can mean not only are you out of pocket but also still have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Solicitors professional negligence can take several different forms:

  • Perhaps you had a strong claim for personal injury or unfair dismissal but your solicitor failed to get the paperwork in on time and the claim was struck out by the tribunal or the court.Professional Negligence from a Solicitor
  • Your solicitor may have been handling a medical or other professional negligence claim and themselves handled it badly which meant you ended up having to pay the costs of your opponent or were forced to discontinue your claim.
  • Perhaps you were involved in a house sale or purchase and your conveyancing solicitor overlooked something and that cost you money.
  • It may simply be that your solicitor wasn’t up front about the costs you were likely to incur or they overcharged you. Whilst this is not strictly a professional negligence claim we can assist in such cases.

Taking Action Against a Solicitor for Negligence

The first thing to note is that your solicitor will have professional indemnity insurance in place to cover such a claim.

It can, of course, be pretty daunting to take on an individual or company like this but if you have suffered as a result of negligence and sustained a loss then you have a right to claim for compensation.

It can also be difficult to trust another solicitor once one has let you down. That’s perfectly understandable. At DSM Legal, we will be able to help and advise you.

However, there is a time limit involved in professional negligence claims. Court proceedings must be issued within 6 years of the original negligence occurring although under very limited circumstances this can be extended. You should take advice as soon as you possibly can to avoid any problems with limitation.

You may think that adding to the costs you have already incurred is a bad idea. The good news is that we offer a no win no fee service. That means you only get charged if and when there is a settlement to your claim in your favour. We are always upfront about what you will be charged (normally a percentage of the settlement) and there are no hidden fees to worry about.

Just because you have suffered through the negligence of your solicitor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek further legal advice to obtain recompense. We are experienced in bringing these type of claims and in the overwhelming majority of cases we successfully settle claims without going to Court.

At DSM Legal, we will listen to your story, talk you through the next steps and advise you on how best to proceed. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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