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femal led solicitors North West DSM Legal: One of the Few Women Led Solicitors in the North West

Thursday 8th March was International Women’s Day and it was fitting that Google rolled out a new tool for businesses. This allows companies to identify themselves as women led or women owned or founded on Google Maps. It’s part of a number of changes that the company has been working on over the last 12…


Medical Negligence Solicitors Medical Negligence Solicitors

We trust people like doctors and other health professionals to deliver the care that we need. While the vast majority do this day in and day out, mistakes do get made. Cases of medical negligence can be traumatic experiences for those affected and it’s important to make sure you have the right legal advice from…


Changes to Whiplash Compensation

WHIPLASH COMPENSATION If you have suffered a whiplash type injury and you require legal advice and assistance you would be well advised to bring your claim as soon as possible.  Although not well publicised the government is changing the law next year so that if the value of your injury claim caused in a road…


Inheritance Dispute

In a decision made by the High Court over the inheritance of a family farm, a woman has been awarded over £1 million in damages in recognition of the work she’d done on the farm over a period of three decades.  Starting at the farm just after she left school, Lucy initially began working with…


Why is it Important to Have a Lasting Power of Attorney? Why is it Important to Have a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Many people don’t really like to consider what would happen if they become incapacitated in some way. Who will look after their affairs? What will happen to their most important assets? While making a will is something that every individual should do, so is creating a lasting power of attorney or LPA. What is Lasting…


settlement agreements infographic Settlement Agreements: The benefits for employers

At DSM Legal, we can help with legal advice about a wide range of employment law issues for both employers and employees. One question we often get asked about is how settlement agreements can assist both parties in moving forward when someone leaves a company. Here’s our quick guide: What is a Settlement Agreement? It’s…


Claiming Compensation After a Criminal Injury Claiming Compensation After a Criminal Injury

If you have suffered an injury because you were the victim of a criminal act in England, Scotland or Wales, you may have the right to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. This can certainly be a very traumatic time if you are a victim and making a claim may not be the…


DSM Legal Solicitors Services Warrington Solicitor: Your Friendly Local Legal Team

Most of us don’t need to contact a solicitor for legal advice more than once or twice during a lifetime but it can still be quite a daunting experience. At DSM Legal in Warrington, we’ve got teams of qualified and experienced solicitors who are here to help with plenty of friendly advice and support. Personal…


How to start a business – know your legal obligations

You’ve done your research and finalised your business plan. You can’t wait to get going, but before you set your plans in motion properly it’s important that you take time to consider your legal obligations . Failure to do so could put your company on the wrong side of the law and expose your business…


Protecting your small business while terminating employment

Terminating someone’s employment isn’t easy. It can have a significant emotional impact, particularly in smaller companies. But businesses also need to make sure they protect themselves legally as well.  Here are our top tips for making the process run smoothly and avoiding any potential lawsuits.  Notice Periods Both the employee and employer are normally entitled…

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