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Cyclist Injured in Birmingham Car Crash

A cyclist suffered serious head injuries last week in a horrific crash involving a car.  Witnesses say the accident, which occurred at 6am on Coventry Road in Birmingham, resulted in the car’s windscreen being damaged, no doubt as a result of the impact with the cyclist.  The carriageway was closed as emergency services tended to…


Medical Negligence by Hospital

Failure to warn patient of risks associated with surgery In a case that has recently been at the High Court the Claimant, Mr. Spencer, sued Hillingdon Hospital for compensation following an allegation of negligence against the hospital. The Claimant had been referred to the hospital by his GP and underwent a hernia operation on 1st…


Medics Miss Grandmother’s Broken Neck

It was recently reported in the news how a grandmother, aged 89, died after suffering complications from a broken neck.  Her family state that her broken neck was repeatedly missed by paramedics and her GP, leaving her in pain and being told to “take paracetamol”.  She was not given an x-ray until three weeks after…


Is the Troublesome Pothole Here to Stay?

Potholes are now a common sight on our roads It’s a fact that you can’t drive very far in Britain without coming across a pothole.  Most of us safely avoid the pothole or manage to slowly navigate over it without injury or damage to our vehicle; however new figures show that there is a claim…


Will London ever be a safe place to use a bicycle?

Cycling accidents Having seen firsthand how a major city like Copenhagen has managed to make its busy city bicycle friendly, it’s disappointing to see that the Department for Transport (DfT) has published figures showing London is nowhere near that stage.  In the last five years figures show that there were 22,988 accidents and 80 deaths…


Compensation Claims Against Personal Injury Solicitors

In a recent case the Court found that an accident victim’s solicitor had under-settled his claim because the solicitor did not claim for activities the Claimant could no longer carry out such as gardening and DIY. The Judge in that case commented upon the system set up by the solicitors which involved the “extensive use…


Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Consultation The Royal College of Surgeons has recently launched a consultation to consider ways in which the cosmetic surgery industry might be “cleaned up.”    A certification system is one of the possibilities, whereby surgeons agree to undertake only those areas of cosmetic surgery that they specialise in, and also publish details about their success…


Warrington company fined following a Fatal Accident at Work

A Warrington company has recently been fined £150,000.00 plus costs of £80,000.00 at Warwickshire Crown Court following the death of an employee in an accident at work.  William Ward, a 56 year old married man from Sheffield, died at the Company’s Warwickshire depot in October 2011 when a barge which he was dismantling collapsed and…


Warrington City Link Depot Closure

The collapse of the parcel delivery business, City Link, on New Year’s Eve 2014, with the loss of approximately 115 jobs in Warrington alone, is bad news.   City Link has gone into administration and it is expected that 51 of the Company’s depots will close by 15 January 2015.    At the time of writing it is unclear…


How to choose a personal injury lawyer

Top 10 tips Check the credentials. Unfortunately there are bogus firms around.  If in doubt check the Law Society’s website. If the firm is not listed, move on.   Look for a specialist solicitor. Don’t believe everything you read.  Just because someone claims they are a specialist doesn’t mean that they are.  Check whether your solicitor is…

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