Unfair Dismissal Remedies

Employment Law Solicitors in Cheshire – Unfair Dismissal Remedies

Need advice on unfair dismissal remedies?  At DSM Legal Solicitors, we value clear and effective legal advice that ensures our clients know exactly what to expect. This includes unfair dismissal claims, where it will be up to an employment tribunal to consider the appropriate remedy for your case.  To speak to an expert employment law solicitor telephone 01925 937070 or email info@dsmlegal.co.uk.

Unfair Dismissal Remedies

Unfair Dismissal Remedies

This will involve finding the most beneficial way to resolve the issue, whether this is through reinstatement, re-engagement or compensation.

We also have a Wigan office which can be contacted on 01942 914004.

Speak to an Employment Law Solicitor

To find out more about unfair dismissal remedies, contact an employment law solicitor at DSM Legal Solicitors. You can call us on 01925 937070 to speak to one our of expert employment law solicitors or email diane@dsmlegal.co.uk.  Please provide as much detail as possible to enable us to pass your enquiry to the correct person to deal with. 

How is Unfair Dismissal Resolved?


If reinstatement is ordered then the employee will be able to return to their original job as if the unfair dismissal claim had never arisen.


Re-engagement means that you will be employed in a role that is similar to the job you were dismissed from.


There are many factors that can affect your compensation for unfair dismissal. This is why it is important to consult a solicitor to ensure you get the optimum amount for your claim.

Unfair dismissal compensation usually consists of:

i) A basic award – in most cases this will be the same as that of a statutory redundancy payment.  Gov.uk have a useful redundancy calculator which can be found by clicking here.

ii) A compensatory award is the amount the employment tribunal considers to be just and equitable for the circumstances of your claim, such as loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, loss of statutory rights etc.

Funding Your Unfair Dismissal Claim

You can visit our Funding Your Employment Law Claim by clicking here to see the options available to you or speak to a member of our friendly team on 01925 937070.  You can visit our Employment Law Section here to see what else we can assist with – we deal with everything ranging from sex discrimination to settlement agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements).  Our team are experts at what they do and we fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Warrington Solicitors – Unfair Dismissal Remedies

We can assist with employment law claims, settlement agreements, accidents at work, personal injury (accident claims including fatality claims), medical negligence claims, oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations, wills and probate, lasting powers of attorneycriminal injury compensation claims and professional negligence claims

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